cara-delevingne-eyebrows-dolce-and-gabbana-ss13Why should Cara Delevingne have all the fun when it comes to eyebrows? Here are five tips for creating a set of brows that would make Groucho Marx jealous.

1. Locate Your Starting and Ending Points
The best way to figure out how long your eyebrows should be is to measure them. Take your tweezers, flip them over, and place them vertically over the outer edge of the bottom of your nose. Where the end of the tweezers land is the beginning of your brow. To find the end of your brow, take your tweezers and angle them so that the tip is at the bottom of your nose and the other end reaches the outer corner of your eye (if the body of your tweezers is lying on your cheekbones, you’ve gone too far). Mark both points with eyeliner, and then pluck any hairs that don’t fall between the lines.

2. Get in Shape
Your eyebrows will have a natural shape to them — be they arched, curved, or straight. Unless you’re trying to go for a brand-new look altogether, stick to your natural shape by drawing a line just at the bottom edge of your brow and then plucking any stray hairs that fall below it. The same rule applies to the top of your brows, too.

3. Brush Those Beauties
When brushing your brows, it’s important to brush up and over, instead of to down or to the side, to prevent breakage (and thus unsightly bald patches). It’ll also make filling in your eyebrows, if that’s something you usually do, a breeze, since all the hairs will be cooperating.

4. Grab Your Fill
If you want to add something extra to your brows because your natural ones just ain’t cutting it, grab some brow powder and and a brow brush and gently brush the powder into your brows. Then, take a brush like the kind you use to apply mascara (but sans mascara), and brush up and out to even out the deposits of powder. Use your brow bush to blend the powder with the skin surrounding your brows for a natural look. For extra emphasis, highlight your brow bone (that ridge between your eye and your brow) by drawing a line with a highlighter pencil on your bone and blending it with your fingers.

5. Keep Your Brows Looking Sharp
Not the shape, mind you. If your brows are patchy, or the hairs are prone to breakage, you might need to help them out a bit. Get an empty mascara tube and fill it with a mixture of Vitamin E oil and castor oil. Both oils are known to increase shine and moisture in hair, thicken hair strands, and stimulate hair follicles to produce newer, stronger strands. Brush it onto your brows (and even your eyelashes!) once a day.

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