sodaMy boyfriend likes to say that I’m a hummingbird, as I don’t crave sweets in the form of chocolate, cake, candy or ice cream, but rather, in my beverages.  While this hummingbird pet name is pretty cute, the result of its formation has not proven the same.  Due to my liquid sweet tooth, I have acquired an outrageous, expensive and unhealthy soda addiction.  For those of you who share this affliction, you know what I’m saying—there’s nothing quite as delicious as a sweet and bubbly Coke or Dr. Pepper traversing its way over your tongue and down your throat.  But regardless of your drink choice, be it diet or regular, we are just filling ourselves full of chemicals and sugar.  So, a while back, I decided it was time to kick my addiction.  Thanks to these soda substitutes, I have successfully overcome my Coke addiction (that’s Coke as in Coca-Cola) and in turn, my face has cleared up and I’ve lost a few pounds—both of which are always fun bonuses.

Topo Chico Agua Mineral

Topo Chico Aguq Mineral is a carbonated mineral water made in Mexico and widely sold in the United States.  For those of you who adore the bubbly goodness of soda, fear not about missing those bubbles!  Topo Chico is possibly the fizziest beverage I have ever consumed.  In fact, it’s so carbonated that drinkers should beware upon opening!  So, when giving up soda, if you find yourself missing that sweet burn of bubbles, reach for a Topo Chico and crave no more!

La Croix Sparkling Water

This 100% natural sparkling water has literally become my new life source.  With zero calories, no sodium and not even a grain of sugar, La Croix provides this hummingbird with sweet, fizzy and guilt-free goodness.  Available in ten flavors—pure (unflavored), orange, lemon, lime, berry, lemon-lime, coconut, cran-raspberry, peach-pear and pamplemousse (grapefruit)—La Croix is a delicious and thirst-quenching way get your daily water intake and satiate your sweet tooth.

Iced Tea with Sweetener

For those of you soda addicts who rely on soft drinks for your daily dose of caffeine, the above options will not fill that void; however, keeping a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge will do the trick.  Because I enjoy sweet drinks, I throw in a little Splenda to kill two birds with one stone.  So, before you reach for a soda to offset an impending caffeine headache, try a refreshing glass of cold iced tea.


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