(HealthDay News) — Children often visit the pediatrician for skin rashes. From viruses to allergies, rashes have a multitude of causes. To ease discomfort, KidsHealth tells parents: Do not rub the skin. Pat it dry after a bath or shower. Do not scratch or scrub the skin. Leave the rash exposed to air.

Think exercise has to be high-intensity to make a difference to your health? Think again. New research shows that even routine housework and gardening can help older women’s hearts. “For older women, any and all movement counts towards better cardiovascular health,” said Dr. David Goff. He’s director of the division of cardiovascular sciences at the…  read on >

Drowning can be swift and silent, making it a leading cause of accidental death among children. To help parents protect their kids in and around the water, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its water safety recommendations. Drowning is the third-leading cause of accidental injury-related death among 5- to 19-year-olds. Nearly 1,000 children…  read on >

As the weather starts to warm up, you might be excited to restart a swimming routine, but swimming isn’t the only water sport that’s also fun exercise. Many activities that used to be vacation-only pastimes are more accessible than you might realize. If you’re a fan of rowing, either the real thing or with cardio…  read on >

As American kids pack on the pounds, the number of those with back pain is on the rise. One in three between the ages of 10 and 18 said they had backaches in the past year, according to a survey of about 3,700 youngsters. The incidence rose along with kids’ age and weight and was…  read on >

Working your triceps might not always be top of mind, but toning the muscles that run along the backs of your upper arms is key to the smooth functioning of your elbows and to also give bare arms a sleeker look. For a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), scientists from the…  read on >

Stretching your leg muscles can improve your flexibility and prevent injury. Here are three stretches that you can do every day and at every age. Start with a calf stretch. Stand at arm’s length from a wall and place your palms flat on the wall at shoulder height for support. Now take one big step…  read on >

When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor is likely to start you on a program to lower blood sugar and help insulin work more efficiently — a regimen that may include a modified diet, exercise and possibly medication. Starting (or ramping up) an exercise program can be the hardest of all these lifestyle changes. Typical…  read on >

“Athlete’s heart” — an enlarged heart created by intense physical training — is a common and often brushed-off condition within elite and professional sports. But a new study of National Football League players is raising concern about the long-term consequences of athlete’s heart when it comes to retirees who have long left the field. These…  read on >

Can you tell how long you’ll live? For seniors, how fit you are may offer a clearer forecast of life span than traditional markers such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking, a new study suggests. It included more than 6,500 people, age 70 and older, who had an exercise stress test between…  read on >