Melanoma skin cancer death rates in men are on the rise in most countries, but are stable or declining for women in some, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed World Health Organization data from 33 countries between 1985 and 2015. Melanoma death rates in men were increasing in all but one nation. In all…  read on >

You’ve made the decision to meet the 150-minutes-per-week goal of cardio workouts for better health. Now use these tips to make the most of these workouts. If you’re using a machine, like a treadmill or stationary bike, check that you’re maintaining proper form. Just as coasting when riding a bike outdoors doesn’t provide a workout,…  read on >

Has stroke hit your family particularly hard? A healthy lifestyle may be your best defense, new research shows. The study of more than 306,000 white British people found that exercising, eating right and not smoking lowered stroke risk — even for those whose DNA predisposed them to the attacks. The findings “highlight the potential of…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Exercise is a great way to preserve mental fitness and reduce stress and anxiety, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America says. Research has shown that physically active people have lower amounts of anxiety and depression than sedentary people, the group reports. It offers these suggestions to help get you started: Jog,…  read on >

If you suffer from knee arthritis and worry that walking will only worsen your damaged joint, a new study suggests you put your fears aside, slip on some sneakers, and take a brief but brisk walk. The researchers estimated that if older adults with the condition added just 5 minutes of brisk walking to their…  read on >

One of the more popular fitness trends are education programs designed for consumers. Fitness buffs and weekend warriors alike can explore new ideas and techniques, and learn from professionals in various fields. These programs take many forms. More and more communities now stage health and fitness events, such as fairs, that offer wellness information and…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Exercise is good for your body and your mind, experts say. Scientists have found that areas of the brain that control memory and planning and organizing skills tend to get stronger with exercise, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. The agency says dancing is a particularly good form of…  read on >

Kids take their cues from mom and dad, so it only makes sense to participate with them when teaching them the merits of exercise. Couch potato kids are a real concern. The College of New Jersey exercise science professor Avery Faigenbaum defined the term exercise-deficit disorder — or EDD — to draw attention to our…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — If you are middle aged and out of shape, it isn’t too late to get active and improve your health, the American Heart Association says. A study in the journal Circulation showed that heart stiffness — a potential precursor to heart failure — decreased for middle-aged men who engaged in two years…  read on >

Feel yourself being pulled in a million directions and losing track of what’s really important? The meditative practice called mindfulness can help you get centered and re-focus on what’s meaningful to you. And it doesn’t take time that’s already in short supply on your busy schedule. You can reap the benefits in less time than…  read on >