Seniors, looking for a way to stay mentally quick and physically strong? Start scrubbing. Researchers from Singapore say housework may be a key to keeping your brain sharp as you age. Their new study found that in older adults, cleaning house was tied to a better memory and attention span, and stronger legs, which helps…  read on >  read on >

A new study is highlighting yet another consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic: It has likely made it even harder for kids with obesity to manage their weight. The findings, researchers said, are no surprise. Many adults, faced with normal life being upended during the pandemic, have seen changes on the bathroom scale. It’s also clear…  read on >  read on >

Most people know that sun-sourced vitamin D is good for their bones. So could avoiding the sun to reduce skin cancer risk weaken your bones? A new study brings a reassuring answer: “Sun-protective” behavior — wearing long sleeves, seeking shade or using sunscreen — “was not associated with decreased bone mineral density or increased risk…  read on >  read on >

People suffering from dangerous abnormal heart rhythms can take matters into their own hands and figure out what is triggering their episodes, researchers report. Folks with atrial fibrillation (a-fib) were able to reduce their episodes of the irregular heartbeat by 40% by identifying and then avoiding the substances or activities that caused their heart to…  read on >  read on >

Long COVID is rare in college athletes, but those who have had COVID-19 should see a doctor if they have chest pain during activity, the authors of new study advise. The extent and effects of persistent symptoms in athletes after COVID-19 infection have been unclear, so researchers went searching for answers. “For the vast majority…  read on >  read on >

Contrary to long-held wisdom, teen athletes recover from concussions sooner if they do light aerobic exercise rather than resting in a dark room, new research suggests. Instead of so-called “cocoon therapy,” new research-supported therapy has young concussion patients getting out of bed and doing protected exercise earlier. “What the research found was that adolescents were…  read on >  read on >

Call it the great pandemic sit-down. As COVID-19 turned daily commutes into shuffles between rooms at home, and Netflix replaced time spent at the gym or playing sports, Americans have been sitting a lot more. Now a new study suggests it may be putting their mental health at risk. “We knew COVID was going to…  read on >  read on >