The Alexander Technique has been used for more than 100 years to improve performance, posture and other body mechanics, yet it’s arguably the least well known method for achieving these benefits. Though some people call it a form of bodywork, practitioners describe it as an educational method, because it teaches you to recognize and then…  read on >

Moderate exercise is known to improve blood pressure — and that may include activities that are more exotic than a brisk walk, two preliminary studies suggest. In one, researchers found that “hot” yoga classes lowered blood pressure in a small group of people with modestly elevated numbers. In the other, hula dancing showed the same…  read on >

The widely held belief that people with dark skin don’t need to use sunscreen is a potentially deadly myth, an expert warns. “There’s a common colloquial phrase, ‘black don’t crack’ — meaning your skin will always be good. You won’t get wrinkles and you don’t need sunscreen if you have melanin-rich skin,” said Dr. Jenna…  read on >

It can happen when you’re stuck in traffic, or hunched over for hours at your desk, or even sitting in the stands watching your child’s lacrosse game — that painful twinge in the back of your neck. These fast and easy stretches can help, and you can do them anywhere. Repeat each one up to…  read on >

Even seniors who never exercised regularly can benefit from a workout program, researchers say. A new study found that men in their 70s and 80s who had never followed an exercise regimen could build muscle mass as well as “master athletes” — those of the same age who had worked out throughout their lives and…  read on >

For most healthy women, exercise during pregnancy is as important as it is at all times of life. It brings benefits such as better overall health, preventing back pain and keeping you regular, which can be a challenge for some women. While low-impact aerobic activities like walking are often emphasized, research has found a surprising…  read on >

Waging a successful battle against advanced colon cancer should include regular doses of exercise, a new study suggests. It found that physical activity was associated with slower cancer progression and reductions in severe treatment side effects in more than 1,200 patients undergoing chemotherapy. Exercise — even low-intensity activity such as walking — helped. “What we…  read on >

Developing core strength is essential for fitness and overall health, but it doesn’t have to be a drudge. If you’re ready to go beyond crunches — or never liked them to begin with! — consider these moves that target the muscles in your torso and spine. The Advanced Bird Dog: Begin on your hands and…  read on >