Exercising may keep you young at heart. Researchers found that people who make regular exercise a lifelong habit appear to slow the aging of their heart and blood vessels. The finding stems from a comparison of exercise histories and heart health among 102 people over age 60. Those who had exercised two to three times…  read on >

Arlington, Va. is the “most fit city in America.” So says the American College of Sports Medicine. Among the nation’s 100 largest cities, Arlington had the lowest smoking rate and highest reports of very good or excellent health, the sports medicine group said. The city received an overall score of 77.7 on the college’s annual…  read on >

As if their work wasn’t already tough enough, new research suggests that men in physically taxing jobs may be at risk of an early death. The increase in risk can be as high as 18 percent beyond that of a typical office worker, the researchers said. “Our findings suggest that there are contrasting health outcomes…  read on >

Outdoor exercise can be invigorating and a great morale booster. But always take a few simple steps to stay safe, no matter the season. For starters, dress for the weather. Whether it’s cold or hot, that usually involves layering so you can start off warm and peel off layers as you heat up. In warm…  read on >

Sun damage puts children and teens at risk for deadly melanoma, so parents need to protect their youngsters from the sun and teach them about sun safety, oncologists say. “Don’t assume children cannot get skin cancer because of their age,” said Dr. Alberto Pappo, director of the solid tumor division at St. Jude Children’s Research…  read on >

Exercise can help prevent many chronic illnesses as well as make it easier to manage health conditions, from diabetes to joint pain. In terms of prevention, aim for the recommended 150 minutes of exercise, like brisk walking or cycling, each week. Along with eating a healthy diet, this can cut your risk of diabetes by…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — A football helmet is a necessary part of the uniform that reduces the risk of a concussion or other head injury. But the helmet has to fit properly. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers these tips for selecting a football helmet: Make sure the child’s eyes are visible and that he…  read on >

When it comes to both fun and efficiency, cross-country skiing is an exhilarating, high-calorie burner. It’s a lot less expensive than downhill skiing — all you need are the skis and a flat, snowy trail. But you can get the same benefits any time of year with a home Nordic or cross-country ski machine when…  read on >

(HealthDay News) –If you are considering joining a gym, it is important to determine what you are looking for before you sign a contract. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission suggests: Planning a visit at a time you would normally be using the gym to see how crowded it is. Evaluating how clean and well-maintained the…  read on >

Rock climbing is no longer just for extreme sports athletes and thrill-seeking daredevils. With hundreds of indoor climbing facilities across the United States — plus climbing walls in local athletic clubs, sporting goods stores and even cruise ships — this fun activity continues to grow in popularity. Climbing has benefits for people of all ages.…  read on >