More American women had health insurance and access to care after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was fully in place in 2014, and poorest women benefited most, according to a new report. For the study, researchers examined U.S. National Health Interview Survey data on insurance affordability, access to care and the use of preventive services…  read on >

No one likes to get a colonoscopy, but new research suggests that mailing at-home colon cancer tests to folks who are overdue for their checks might prompt them to get screened. “We believe that mailing kits directly to patients, which frames participation as the default, reduced steps in the screening process, making it easier for…  read on >

Expectant moms often try to plan as many aspects of their upcoming delivery as they can. But one thing they might not consider is what type of pain relief they will choose if they need to have a C-section. Now, new research from the University of Texas suggests that while opioids can control pain, a…  read on >

Video games provide unlimited entertainment, and interactive ones can even help you burn off calories. But you may not know that playing games — either in person or through shared online networks — can unite family members from many generations in meaningful ways. Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal found that playing social network games,…  read on >

THURSDAY, March 21, 2019A woman’s age and previous pregnancy complications influence her odds of miscarriage, a new study says. The findings suggest that miscarriage and other pregnancy complications share underlying causes that require further investigation, according to the researchers. “More focused studies of these associations might lead to new insights,” they wrote in the March…  read on >

Postpartum depression is a common and often devastating condition for new mothers, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the first drug to help combat it. The drug, Zulesso (brexanolone), is delivered via intravenous infusion. “Postpartum depression is a serious condition that, when severe, can be life-threatening,” noted the FDA’s Dr. Tiffany…  read on >

Not all Asian-Americans are equally susceptible to the deadly damage of heart disease and stroke, new research suggests. The risk of premature death is highest among Asian Indian, Filipino and Vietnamese subgroups, the researchers found. For the study, investigators analyzed U.S. death records from 2003 to 2012 to determine average potential years of life lost…  read on >

After-school activities help develop social skills and talent, but a new report finds that many kids are priced out of participating. In fact, for 1 in 6 middle and high school students, costs are the prime reason for not taking part in these activities. And the poorest students are two times less likely to participate,…  read on >

Thinking about a TV for your young child? Based on new evidence, you might want to reconsider that. Preschoolers who had a TV in their bedroom were at increased risk for poor eating habits, overweight/obesity and social/emotional struggles in their teens, Canadian researchers say. “The early years are a critical period in a child’s development,”…  read on >

Rowing is often called the best aerobic exercise because it offers a total body workout and is low-impact. Rowing involves performing a continuous motion with focused coordination between the arms and the legs. If you’ve never rowed a boat or paddled a canoe before, it may take some time to get the hang of it,…  read on >