Imagine this: You open a bag of fresh salad greens and out pops a lizard. Or worse. Unfortunately, that scenario is more common than many might think. Researchers analyzed online news between 2003 and 2018 and found 40 articles about U.S. consumers discovering live, dead or severed parts of animals in their produce. More than…  read on >

Sweet plums and peaches are great on their own, a good source of potassium and a sweet low-cal snack with only 40 calories each. But you can also use them as the foundation of dishes perfect for summer entertaining. When it comes to picking out the best stone fruit, look for firm, unblemished skins —…  read on >

If you skip or skimp on breakfast, grab a quick lunch and then load up at dinner, your food intake is likely out of sync with your body’s needs. Not getting calories when you really need them (hint: during the day) could be why you’re having a hard time shedding pounds or finding the energy…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Keeping the kitchen clean can prevent sickness and improve the quality of health for you and your guests, says Wake Forest University. Many foodborne illnesses can be avoided with some extra care. To help maintain cleanliness, the school suggests: Wash your hands with warm water and soap after dealing with raw foods.…  read on >

Swimming lessons can lower the risk of drowning, but black kids often miss out on learning this lifesaving skill, a leading pediatricians group says. “Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim,” said Dr. Kyle Yasuda, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). “This is an essential life skill for children, teens and…  read on >

Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another. Now, a new study suggests that exercising at the same time each day is key. The research, on 375 adults who maintained a weight loss of 30 or more pounds for at least a year, showed that consistent timing of exercise was linked with…  read on >

Having “friendly” bacteria in your digestive system is important for good health. They help the body extract nutrients from food, and boost the immune system in the fight against inflammation and many diseases associated with it. Gut microbes do much better with a plant-based diet, according to a study done at the Washington University School…  read on >

Sweet corn is an irresistible summer veggie and a good source of fiber. Ideally, you want to eat it as soon as possible after it’s picked, but you can store corn for up to one week — keep the husks on and refrigerate in produce bags. There’s nothing quite like biting into fresh corn on…  read on >

Check out the menus at any county fair — corn dogs, fried Oreos, even fried butter — and you’ll quickly see that Americans love fried foods. But yet another study suggests that it’s time to put that corn dog down. The study found that eating fried foods increased the risk of heart attack and stroke.…  read on >

Eggplant is a high-fiber food that will leave you feeling satisfied and well-nourished. Most people think of the classic purple-colored vegetable, but eggplant comes in many varieties, colors and even shapes. All are perfect for a lighter take on a classic eggplant dish that your whole family will love. One secret to making this Italian…  read on >