Women. We are strong, intelligent, driven, and incredibly giving. Many of us have successful careers and raise families simultaneously thanks to our multi-tasking super powers. However, there may be times when we feel we still can’t keep up with our male counterparts. Whether it’s shooting back whiskies at the bar, dealing with physical pain, or encountering uncontrollable sob fests at the movies, sometimes we can feel weak. Ladies, I am here to tell you it is not you’re fault!

According to Oprah.com, these impulses are biological. And, guess what, men missed out on these genes! Here are three things most women don’t know about their bodies.


Most women have been called a lightweight in their lives. And, we’ve all had that friend who tries to prove everyone wrong and drinks way beyond her limits. Stop! Women produce less of the stomach enzyme that breaks down ethanol. The female body also has less water to dilute alcohol, resulting in a greater buzz and dreadful hangover. After drinking the same amount, women will actually have higher blood alcohol levels than men.


No, women don’t just complain more than men! Recent studies revealed that women actually feel more pain and at a greater intensity than men when they are suffering from the same health conditions such as cancer, back problems, or infectious diseases.

Cry Baby

No, you are not an emotional wreck. One of the reasons we cry more than men is because women’s tear glands are actually anatomically different from men’s. Additionally, women have 50 to 60% higher levels than men of the hormone prolactin, responsible for regulating the development of tear glands and producing tears, by the time they are 18.


-Emily Freeman

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