Sleep, it’s such a love-hate relationship. A great nights sleep can be the best thing in the world. However, we all know those nights where we toss and turn and the next the day is filled with the anticipation of the night to come where you will try and conquer the simple act of sleeping yet again.

Many of us feel helpless when it comes to the primal act of sleeping. Much of the advice we get about improving sleep quality is unhelpful. However, has just released helpful, proven tips for more great nights of sleep!

1.    Early morning? Stay on schedule!

Even if you have to wake up earlier the next morning, go to bed at your normal time. If you try to go to sleep earlier, the stress of forcing some shut-eye will make falling asleep take longer. Additionally, the more time you spend tossing and turning in bed, the more your body and mind will associate your bed with not sleeping.

2.    Wine and dine

If you like an evening drink, have it at dinnertime. Drinking too close to bedtime will increase your chances of waking up constantly throughout the night and earlier than desired the next morning.

3.    Nap only time

If you’re a napper, make sure to take your nap between 1 and 3pm and for fifteen to thirty minutes.

4.    Don’t over-train

Working out will help you get a better nights rest, but not if you do it within two hours of bedtime. Your body may feel tired after a sweat session but your mind will still be racing and your body temperature will still be raised.

5.    Cool off

If your bedroom is too warm your body’s core temperature will increase Your core temperature needs to be lower to go to sleep. So make sure your room is cool for a great night’s sleep.


-Emily Freeman

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