I will never forget browsing Target’s aisles for paper towels when it hit- the tantrum of all tantrums. My daughter, who was sitting in the cart 30 minutes pre-nap time, decided Target was an appropriate place for a meltdown! While resistance can be a healthy way of your daughter showing you she can assert herself, this embarrassing behavior has got to stop in public before you have a meltdown! Here are some small starts to minimize tantrums.
The Car Seat Battle

  1. Definitely worth a disagreement. Buckling is the best route when it comes to safety!
  2. Make it a race to see which child gets in the fastest, use distracting play, or quite frankly- bribe them. Using a bite of candy might have to be the way the trick goes.

Hugging and Kissing When Expected

  1. Don’t force your child- he could end up making a sccene that is totally unnecessary.
  2. Prep your child by saying that the person would love a hug when he/she arrives. Watch and hope the child follows suit. You have to practice what you preach!

Teeth Brushing

  1. Praise the heck out of them when they brush. Blame the need to brush their teeth on the dentist!
  2. Don’t leave it a yes/no question- say, “It’s time to brush your teeth- which color toothbrush do you want?”


  1. I for one, never ate vegetables. I grew out of it… kinda. There was really no wiggle room to argue with me about eating disgusting vegetables, and I can assure you that yelling at your child will not make her want to eat them. Encourage a taste test, and serve things like raw carrots, broccoli, or edamame with yogurt. Pack on the fruits.
  2. When in doubt, throw in a multivitamin.

Sleep Time

  1. Prepare your child to sleep, and have a set bedtime. 15 minutes before bedtime, warn them that bedtime is approaching. Preparing them mentally so that they know bedtime is coming, and by the time the fifteen minutes are up they will have gotten used to the idea.
  2. Make bedtime a routine. The more kids know what to expect, the more they won’t fight it!

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