Now that the new year is upon us it’s a great time to take stock of our beauty routines. It’s very easy when you have young kids to forget about taking care of yourself. No one wants to end up with the “mommy cut” or the out dated makeup that makes you look 50 instead of 30. It’s so easy to date ourself with clothes as well. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep you youthful, and as cool as you were before the minivan.

First, when shopping for clothes create a basic wardrobe that won’t go out of style. Classic straight leg jeans in a dark wash,  a-line skirts and good neutrals are a great place to start. You can add your trends in a few choice pieces, as long as you keep the classic basics on hand. You can also have fun with your accessories. One key to always looking put together is adding a few simple accessories. How easy is that? Throwing on a bracelet or a chunky necklace makes you look like you spent way more time on your outfit than you probably did.

As for makeup if you are still wearing the same colors you were in college it’s time to hit up that makeup counter. Again go for the looks that are classic, leave the extravagant eyeshadows for special occasions and stick to colors that work with your skin tones. The idea is to make you look polished and well rested, not like a teenager who just discovered eyeliner. I am in no way saying that you cannot have fun with your makeup, by all means please do, but save it for special occasions instead of running to the grocery store.

Lastly your hair. I cannot emphasize how important it is to see a good stylist. Someone who can look at your face and hair texture then know what will and more importantly will not work for you. If your stylist asks you what hairstyle you want but doesn’t offer any input you might want to find a new salon. Don’t be afraid to ask them their opinions on what you want. If you are worried about the cost of the salon I urge you to save up for it if you can. Being cheap, I totally get it. Generally I see a stylist every six months for the actual style and get all my trims done somewhere less expensive. Sure I run the risk of getting a hack job, but it’s worked for me thus far.

-Stephanie Wright


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