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You and the boyfriend are getting closer and the thought of meeting his family has crossed your mind. You may have even exchanged those three special words and, although he’s been suggesting it, you have been dodging the situation. It’s a daunting milestone and one that you may have been dreading. Not because you’re not a great catch — but you never know what their reaction will be and what his response will be to said reaction. So yeah, we get it, it’s a little scary. Plus, what happens if you freeze up while you’re there and they think you’re a complete spaz? Don’t overthink it and don’t fret, Weekly Sauce has some handy tips for you to use in that first meeting with the parents. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll do a good job by just being yourself — but it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Everybody Loves Presents

If your man has mentioned that his mom loves to go bowling, maybe you can pick up a bag for her to carry her equipment in. Or if his father is an avid baker, hit Williams-Sonoma and grab a pan or two. Don’t consider it a bribe, simply a token of goodwill.

Get Dressed

Remember that you are not hitting the club. You are meeting his family, so make sure that your outfit is cute but non-threatening. Maybe leave the stilettos in the closet and throw on a pair of Chuck Taylors with a pretty top and some dark denim. However if you guys are sitting down for a formal dinner, it’s okay to get a little fancy. Still, not too much, no ballgowns or ultra-revealing cocktail dresses.

Share What You Love

Keep in mind that parents love hearing people speak positively about their children. This tends to be the case whether the child is five or 25. Be sure to share exactly what it is you love about your man without gushing. Make sure that when you do talk about him, it isn’t forced, because then it seems like you came in planning on flattering them. You want to be transparent but far from fake.

Find Common Ground

You can probably assume that all of you guys have at least one thing in common — loving the guy that you’re falling for — so try to figure out a little more. Do you share a love of stand-up comedy with his brother? Does his mom love Usher just as much as you do? These things could be what tip the balance in your favor by the time he speaks with them again about you without you being there. If you made a good impression, they’ll be sure to let him know. So make a genuine attempt to get to learn about his family members when meeting his family for the first time. It will only benefit you in the end and beyond that, it’s always nice to make new friends. Thinking of it this way may take some of the pressure off of you feeling as if you need to impress his folks.

Help Out

If there are dishes in the sink and you notice one of his family members headed to start cleaning up, offer to help out. A lot of times his folks may just wave you off and remind you that you are the guest. But it’s always a good gesture to show that you can be thoughtful around his folks. This is imperative during that first meeting.

Comic Relief

One of the most important things to remember is that your guy really likes you for him to want you around the people that raised him. There is something special about you that he likes, so don’t be afraid to show his family that other side. Make a joke or two — nothing too outrageous. You can even poke fun at him especially if his family is the type to do that with one another. Show your personality — that is the reason you are there.

Relax, Sweetie

Remember that his family is important but, at the same time, they are still just people. Try to imagine that you could have met them before in life. It’s a family just like any other, so don’t stress yourself out about meeting his family for the first time. People can pick up on energies and you don’t want yours to be a negative one! Take a deep breath before stepping inside and remember to smile. Introduce yourself confidently and continue to speak in that tone for the duration of your time with them. Be sure to also thank them for having you, and if you guys truly hit it off, maybe you can suggest your next place to meet. If he has siblings, you guys could maybe catch a movie or go to a concert. Don’t push for it, but make an open invitation at the end of the evening.

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