90s watches influence todays stylesIf you are looking for an inexpensive yet fun watch, I’ve got the guide for you. Both these watch styles feature an influence of 1990’s bright colors. One is a little more subtle in its design, but one is just pure nostalgia. Both will be a hit as either a birthday present or stocking stuffer. Read on to find out more!

Do you remember slap bracelets? Well, now there’s slap watches- the redesign takes the cheesy bracelets and turns them into bulky, bright watches. TKO created this line, made out of silicon, as an innovative and interchangeable accessory. Not to be taken seriously, with its colors ranging from electric green to black, the watch bands and outsides of the face are interchangeable. You can pick out a watch face, then pop it out into whatever slap band you want to use that day. They are a lot of fun, and are only $50 apiece.

Another watch that’s merely $50 is made by Swatch. They have a line called “Originals Gent”, which is made out of plastic and has a warranty for two years. They are also water-resistant. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, these watches come in a wide range of colors for any consumer, family member, or spouse. These make great gifts. Unlike the slap bracelet watches, they also come in less startling colors with a sleeker, less bulky design. In other words, these watches are still fun while being a little more practical for everyday use.

Whitney J. Manson

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