Going out to dinner for date night is always fun, but it can get a bit repetitive. We’re not saying we don’t love a romantic evening at our favorite spot, but we also know how important it is to change things up a bit.

We love thinking of new and fun date night and/or weekend away activities to spend time with our honey.

Our latest obsession: Glamping. Also known as fancy camping or glamor camping. We can hang with the best of them sleeping in a tent and eating our food from cans, but for a romantic weekend or night away, we’re dying to try Glamping.

It really is the perfect way to mix nature and luxury, and we’re not going to apologize for wanting that extra bit of comfort.

A lot of Glamping sites offer everything from on-site restaurants, to specialty grocery stores, and many will do all of your food shopping for you before you arrive so you are set to go for the weekend. They set up your fire, have staff on hand to help you where you need it, and offer activities on the camp grounds for you to enjoy.

There are also different levels of luxury camping. You can sleep in a cabin, a heated or air conditioned tent, and yes we did discover one where you can sleep in a large tee-pee which we are definitely going to make happen in the near future. Also, tree houses. You can sleep in them. This is not a joke. The ten year old that lives inside me just shouted with joy.

In addition to all of the overall awesomeness that goes along with Glamping, the cost at a ton of these places isn’t much different than a hotel room somewhere. We’ve seen nightly rates as low as $100, and many of these accommodate four people if you want to turn it into a couples weekend away.

Alright, we’re off to continue our search for the perfect Glamping weekend away.

-Sasha Huff



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