There is a secret type of fashion society has been brewing on the internet over the past year or so, and the hype has finally reached the mainstream.  These secret societies are members only shopping sites.  I remember 4 years ago when I was invited to join, and thought it was just so bizarre because who wants to be in a shopping club?  Well I’m glad that I joined but my wallet isn’t, because it has been on the decline weekly since I signed up!  I can’t go a few weeks without buying something because the deals are so beyond outrageous!   I hate to say it, but if you aren’t yet a part of these exclusive clubs, then you aren’t cool. 

Two of my favorite members only shopping sites are Hautelook and Beyond the Rack.  These are the most up to date and fashion forward on the web in my personal opinion.  How it works is that you have a specific amount of time to long in and shop for a particular brand.  Each site works slightly differently.  Hautelook for example opens at 8am Pacific daily with designer discounts on women’s and men’s fashion, accessories, beauty, kid’s apparel and toys. They even have discounts on home décor and travel getaways up to 75% off!  To join you simply have to sign up for an account. 

Beyond the Rack while equally fabulous works slightly different and is a bit more exclusive.  There are three ways to join BTR, one is to be invited by a member, get a special invite from one of their marketing partners or request a membership.   Beyond the Rack carries designer brand apparel and accessories marked up to 80% off retail.  All of their merchandise is authentic and is available to members through limited time events generally lasting no longer than 48 hours.  As with both Hautelook and Beyond the Rack, members are notified by email of various upcoming sales. 

Both of these sites carry the latest and greatest, with sales on BCBG Max Azria, James Perse, Michael Kors, DKNY, Rebecca Minkhoff, Juicy Couture and so much more.  So with this knowledge, now is your time to log in, click away and save while shopping for some of the best designer brands available.

-Jessica Brown

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