I am so ready for the winter to be over.  I am tired of being cold, and wet, and all together uncomfortable.  Not to mention that I’m tired of falling on ice, and shoveling snow.  Gross, let’s get spring here already. 

Around here there aren’t a ton of fun things to do when it snows this much.  A lot of stores, schools, play places, and roads, get closed.  The problem is we just don’t have the equipment to deal with snow, so everything gets iced over and becomes hazardous to drive.  With all that being said, we don’t get the opportunity to play much when the weather is this gross.  

One of our favorite things to do (besides curl up by the fire with some hot cocoa) is to make snow cream.  This is such a fun little recipe for little kids to make.  Essentially all you need is fresh clean snow, cream, sugar, and a touch of vanilla.  The measurements aren’t exact, but you end up just making the consistency of a very thick slushy.  When we feel fancy we put in sprinkles and food coloring.  Each child can have their own bowl and mix their own goodies together.  It’s a cold snack, but a cheap and easy one that is so much fun. 

At the first sign of snow snowballs, and snow cream are the first things my daughter starts talking about.  So if you’re unfortunate lucky enough to have snow on the ground send the kiddos out for a bowl of clean snow then mix up some slushy goodness.  But make sure to have that hot cocoa ready to go soon afterwards to warm up those precious little fingers!  Blankets and snuggles are a good choice for warming up cold bodies too!

-Stephanie Wright

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