Would you use this? A free online tool that easily organizes the digital content in people’s lives.

Clipix organizes your life by giving you a free place to organize and store everything you see (and want to bookmark) online. It’s kind of a more practical, and personal, Pinterest.

The way it works is simple: you drag their “Clip” button to your tool bar, and anytime you come across online content (whether it’s links, documents, photos or video) with just one “Clip” click, you can save it to one of your private Clipboards.

It’s an incredibly easy solution to deal with/manage the onslaught of information we attempt and process daily. Truth is, we don’t usually read all information as we’d like. Phone calls, clients, kids…they all get in the way. Skimming is a hazard of the modern world.

Create a Clipboard where you clip outfits you love, another for articles that you want to read, and yet another for impractical and funny links you want to send your grandparents. It works great for folks who work multiple jobs, or for working parents. The kids get one clipboard, the office another. Organize family trips, gifts, crafts for the kids and beyond; the internet is your oyster.

Now you can also Clip important emails from multiple accounts. It’s totally private, and allows you to save messages (as a PDF) that you’ve deemed important. For instance, all those emails you receive with user names and passwords, you can clip them.

Instead of losing the page, or spending countless minutes (hours) re-searching for that article you meant to read earlier, it’s right there on your Clipix dash. What will you be clipping?

–Arianna Schioldager

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