Cinderella's Castle at DisneyworldSomehow, we managed to explore four parks in one day after both Universal Parks the day before– superhuman powers, I think.
#1 Hollywood Studios: We left the dog, Jules, at the kennel here. They require you to come walk her twice a day, and she gets to stay in an air conditioned kennel twice the size of her normal one. We began our explorations here and started with The Tower of Terror. Always fun and kind of scary, this ride is best enjoyed during daylight since the elevator doors open and you can see the whole park. We then enjoyed the Aerosmith rollercoaster, which is all indoors. They blast Aerosmith, you, and the air-conditioning- success. before heading to the less scary rides like Toy Story. Throw on the 3D glasses and play a game as you spin around the ride.
#2 Animal Kingdom: We headed straight for the Everest ride. Watch out for the yetis! We went on some nature walks, observed monkeys and hippos, and enjoyed the conservation area. There are quite a few cool rides inside this park, but I loved the animals the most.
#3 Epcot: Without a doubt, the best food in all the parks is in Epcot. The Land’s restaurant, Season, was quite tasty and quick. I highly recommend it rather than stopping for the usual hamburger, pizza, or nuggets. If you don’t want that, go to the ever impressive World Showcase. We truly enjoyed wandering this park just because of the impressive structures they’ve built in the middle of nowhere. The rides are lacking in this park, which makes it a little less exciting for kids (minus Future World and the Nemo ride, etc). Epcot is great for teens, adults, and anyone willing to taste all the cuisines… and beer and alcohol of the world. If you’re looking for Japanese treats, just stop in there.
#4 Magic Kingdom: We became utterly exhausted after this point, but we powered through. Magic Kingdom is basically the same as Disneyland- rides and all, so we explored the usual, saw part of a parade, and rode a few rides. We love Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain. The characters are always wandering and Fantasyland is a great spot for kids. Magic Kingdom is definitely what I think of when I think of (and remember) Disney in my past. There’s all sorts of sentiment involved in visiting it, and I love it.
Orlando was amazing, but I don’t necessarily recommend packing in all parks at once… or worrying about what you eat. I’m pretty sure you walk it all off.

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