It has been raining here for days.  It hasn’t even been the nice kind of rain where I can let the kids loose to jump in the puddles.  It’s been raining hard, my yard has turned in to a mud puddle with a quick sand consistency.  We don’t do a ton of TV here, and have already enjoyed a pajama and movie day. 

Due to gas prices, and other budget restrictions we have been stuck home.  Needless to say the kids and I are restless.  After seeking the advice of a dear friend, she gave me the best idea that has ever been had…..this might be better than sliced bread. 

At her suggestion, we pulled out the air mattress.  At first the kids didn’t know what I expected of them.  My daughter whined that she wasn’t tired, then my son had his epiphany!  This air mattress in the center of our family room is perfect for jumping.  And that is what they did.  For two hours they bounced and rolled.  My daughter actually worked up a sweat.  The mattress is only a few inches off of the ground so when they fall off there is little chance of injury.  Nevertheless, we still have pillows all around to add to the fun, I mean safety. 

After two hours both kids snuggled together and shared a snack.  They sat quietly and read stories to each other.  Then, once they had their fill of rest they began to jump all over again.  This sequence repeated a few times throughout the day.  The day is now winding down.  Dinner has been eaten, baths taken, pajamas are on.  Now the kids are snuggled on the mattress with pillows and blankets enjoying a movie before they head off to bed.  Take that rainy day!

-Stephanie Wright

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