I recently had the pleasure of flying the Nashville airport.  I wasn’t expecting it to be a pleasure, being hugely pregnant and toting two kids.  We had a while to wait for our plane so I figured we would window shop to keep occupied.  Usually I find our gate, confirm the pertinent information then tour all the shops near by.  This accomplishes two goals, it wastes time while waiting to board the plane, and two keeps my kids moving.  I have never met a two year old, or a four year old, that could sit still at an airport.  The hurry up and wait of the whole situation is a kid attitude killer.  Sometimes we opt for hitting up a restaurant for a sundae, or snack.  But that really only takes about a half hour. 

Our three hour layover needed bigger guns than a sundae.  That was about the time we discovered the play area in our terminal.  It was huge!  At least the size of two gates, just tucked in the corner away from most other people, yet still within sight of several gates.  How unbelievably genius is this?  The whole area was surrounded by a low wall with little benches for us tired parents to sit, and it did a fantastic job of keeping the kids in a contained area.  They were able to run, tumble, and generally expend lots of energy.  I can only imagine that the crew of our plane, as well as all the other passengers, were very thankful that my kids were worn out and ready to nap by the time we boarded the plane.  The other airports that I have frequented don’t have this amenity (that I’m aware of) and I just have to wonder why?  Two thumbs up to the Nashville Airport!

-Stephanie Wright

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