I love food.  But I suppose that isn’t the most profound statement ever uttered.  After all, who doesn’t?  Only trouble is, I’m not what you’d call a good cook.  In fact, I’m more of an atrocious cook.  But I’m enthusiastic and eager to learn, which is why I often find myself scrolling through food blogs drooling and moaning over the wide array of online food porn.  I am constantly astonished as to how many foodies are out there willing to share their secrets and recipes with those of us novices who don’t know a whisk from a hole in the ground.  And the photos!  Oh, some of the photos are, themselves, delicious enough to eat.  For those of you who may be interested, here are a few of my favorite foodies!

The Shiksa in the Kitchen

As a convert to Judaism, Tori not only shares mouth-watering recipes, but also the history behind Jewish cuisine.  Whether it’s a recipe or matzo ball soup or one of her own kitchen creations, Tori spoils her readers with a plethora of delicious meals, easy-to-follow directions and a rich and beautiful historical perspective on food.

80 Breakfasts

For those of you who love breakfast any time of the day, this blog offers delicious and simple recipes and good advice.  But don’t let the name fool you, while breakfast is the topic de jour, this blog offers many other yummy and easy-to-follow recipes.

Coconut and Lime

Heavy on original and easy-to-make recipes that showcase this blogger’s love for cooking, this blog is also about sharing thoughts on new cooking equipment, kitchen tools, and gadgets, as well as food and drink.

David Lebowitz

Blogging from his home in France, Chez Panisse alum and cookbook author David Lebowitz shares his baking and pastry masterpieces with the masses.  And the best part?  He offers straightforward instructions, allowing us newbies to almost replicate his genius.

Gluten-free Goddess

Both vegetarian and gluten-free, this blog offers mouthwatering dishes featuring rustic recipes, easy-to-follow instructions and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

La Mia Cucina

La Mia Cucina’s Lis might be the Ohio incarnation of a foodie Bridget Jones — her posts pull no punches, and the hilarity of her kitchen posts will have you falling out of your seat, but also reaching for your cookbook.


Newbies will rejoice as they read Faith’s adventures in the world of cooking. Sharing both the highlights and disasters, this blog reminds us that cooking is truly an adventure.

Vegan Yum Yum

It’s hard to believe that blogger Lolo isn’t a trained chef or photographer after looking at her gorgeous photos and easy-to-read recipes. Being vegan’s never been this much fun, or so easy.

What’s for Lunch, Honey?

With food and recipes from Bollywood and back, Indian-born Meeta’s blog has it all: gorgeous photos, detailed recipes, and even an entire section devoted to new cooks.

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