< leggingsWe’ve always been a big fan of fun leggings, and this New Year’s Eve we decided that wearing some leggings with cats flying through space on them would be an awesome outfit to rock. And it was. When paired with a nice black blouse and some black ankle boots, it just worked. So no we’re inspired to share some other awesome leggings we may add to our collection this year.

1) Get Lost Leggings – We’re kind of obsessed with these vegan leather leggings. The cut outs add immediate sassiness that we can never get enough of, and you can make them casual, or more dressed up depending on how you pair them your accessories and top!

2) Femme Floral – Antique floral prints are some of our favorites, and we think this pair of leggings is kind of perfect. There are just enough flowers, not too over bearing, but still make a statement. Love!

3) Wordly Girl – We love the design of these leggings. The artwork is super cool, and a trendy gal could pair these with a white crop top and white doc martens for a seriously awesome look.

4) Material Girl – Yes, these leggings are very Miley Cyrus a la the VMA’s this year, but we still love them. If you pair them with more subdued top and shoes, we think it would work.

5) Colorful Graphic – The vibrant colors on these leggings make them a favorite on our list. We love BOLD patterns and colors and think these would be a great addition to our closet!

If you aren’t big into the crazy patterns, you can always go the route of a bright color, or even something a little less bold. But if you haven’t jumped on the legging train yet, you really should. Just please remember to wear a long shirt with them.

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