Once upon a time, baby shower etiquette was written in stone.  There was a long list of do’s and a longer list of don’ts.  This is enough to leave anyone with their head spinning.  One thing that is usually agreed upon is that the mom-to-be should not  be the one throwing the party.  There is always an exception to the rule, so if you feel you need to throw your own go ahead. 

In the past including where you were registered in your invitation was considered rude.  Now a days, it is simply convenient for the guests to include this information.  Co-ed baby showers are definitely popular these days, but this might leave some grandmas grumbling under their breath. 

I was brought up to think that you only get one baby shower, with your first child.  The point was to welcome the new mommy into the next phase of her life.  This still makes plenty of sense to me, so I haven’t felt the need to have other showers.  That’s not to say that if someone threw one I would be upset with them.  People love to celebrate, and a baby is a fantastic reason to celebrate.  If you feel uncomfortable with multiple showers suggest having a “sprinkle” instead.  This is just a party to ooh and ah over mommy’s huge belly and eat cake.  Most sprinkles that I have attended specified no gifts.  It was truly just a party to celebrate the upcoming birth. 

You can also consider a diaper party for non first time moms.  Every mom, no matter how many previous children could use diapers.  Second showers, and sprinkles, are generally much smaller parties.  For something unusual consider a tea party!  Just remember to have fun and take into consideration mommy’s wishes too!

-Stephanie Wright

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