I adore the opportunity to go out on a date with my husband. I also enjoy the opportunity to hire a babysitter.

We have a handful of young girls from our church who we routinely employ to watch our kids. They do a great job, and I would like to keep hiring them as often as I can. So I go out of my way to take care of them the best I can. I mean, above and beyond the hourly wage I give them. Most often, when we hire a sitter, it is after my kids are in bed, so essentially my baby sitters are just hanging out by themselves. Kind of boring right?

I don’t want them to hate coming here, but I also don’t want them to be tempted to get on their phones either. And that, is why I have started making a care package for my babysitters. Some nights I will order Pizza for my kids and the sitter, and other nights it is just not something I want my kids to eat. When making my baby sitter care package, the first thing I include is dinner if I haven’t already provided it. A microwave pizza, or something of the like. I will also ask my sitter (and her parents if applicable) if there is a movie that she wants to see. I will grab that movie from Redbox and put it into her care package. And what is a movie without some popcorn or maybe a candy and beverage?

You get the idea, small snacks and treats for her to enjoy while she cares for my children. All in one convenient package. That way your baby sitter won’t have to search through your cabinets looking for snacks. The babysitter box is also a great place to keep any important information that you want the to have. Things like phone numbers and approved activities.

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