Group of friends grillingWe are a fan of the great outdoors, and camping trips are always on the list of things we want to do a couple of times a year. Being in nature, cooking food over a fire, washing dishes under a hose, we love it all.. Sometimes, however, getting the time off, or getting all of the details together falls through, and the trip just can’t happen. Which means you have to improvise! How about having a backyard camping trip instead? This is a fun activity to do with the kids, or a fun date night idea with your honey! You can go as big or as small as you want with this, ranging from a full on camp out with a tent & all, or just doing a fire pit with some camping food items for dinner.

Here is our essential backyard camping menu. Mix and match any of these suggestions for a delicious meal you will have a blast cooking! (The best part is, many people already have a grill!) Easy peasy.


Spiked Arnold Palmers (lemonade, ice tea, and vodka or rum)
Hot chocolate

Chips & Salsa
Potato Skins (Pre-make these, and then heat them over the fire)
Varied sausages (Cook them, then slice them up and serve with toothpicks)

Main Dish
Hamburgers/Veggie Patties/Hot Dogs
Roasted veggie skewers
Chili (veggie or regular) served in cleaned out soup cans
Salmon (cooked in high grade foil that can be place over a fire)

Side Dishes
Roasted Potatoes
Macaroni Salad

S’Mores – bring different types of candy bars to jazz them up a bit!
Banana Boat – banana with marshmallow and chocolate roasted over the fire (in tin-foil)
Camping cobbler 

We hope our menu has inspired some fun for your next backyard camping trip! Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all the fun! -Sasha Huff