Just because you’re about to throw on winter layers, doesn’t mean you should let all that work you did over the summer to maintain fighting shape go to the wayside.

We aren’t bears. We don’t need to store fat in the winter.  In fact, if you keep yourself in relatively good shape all winter long… it’s that much easier to bounce back come spring and summer.

When the temperatures start to drop, there are some great indoor exercises.  All you need are two balancing pods (make any pose more challenging and are great for strength and core training) and two free weights. 

Squats are amazing for tightening and lifting your rear end, but are even better for your backside when you challenge yourself with a pod.

It’s simple enough to get started.

Balance each foot on the center of the pod.  Hold 5 pound weights—or weight of your choice—at your sides.  Squat down. Balancing is the hard part.  As you squat try and stick your hips back as far as possible.  This ensures that the exercise is toning your glutes and not your quads.  As you stand back up lift the weights over your head. 

Since you have the balance pods out already, here’s another quick butt lifting exercise.

Lay on your back in sit up position and place the heels of both your feet in the center of the pods.  They should be about hips length apart.  Once you are in position, lift up—like you are doing a bridge pose in yoga—and lower back down.  Repeat this 15 times.  If you want to make it more difficult, try doing the bridge lift while balancing on one leg.  Repeat each set 15 times. You will feel the burn in your glutes!

-Arianna Schioldager

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