To beat the heat, I live in my bathing suit during the summer months. However, being half naked for the majority of my weekends can become somewhat awkward. No I have never actually gone to Trader Joes in nothing but an itty-bitty bikini, but it is definitely tempting. So tempting, actually, that I have found a way to feel like I am in a Britney Spears breakdown tabloid without the embarrassment of others’ judgmental gazes. “How?” you may ask. The answer, my friends, is the cover-up!

Cover-ups are no longer limited to sarongs and linen garments. From rompers to dresses to tunics and beyond, your options are endless for barely there clothing. Try this 60s inspired Indah Angel Wing Cover Up. Yes, it’s sheer, so if you are going to the grocery store post pool party then I’d suggest pairing it with some jean cut offs. Dress it up with a pair of dark skinny jeans or snakeskin pants and bright pumps to take it from day to night.

If you want something with a little less exposure, try this Beach Sexy Slip-on Romper from Victoria’s Secret. It’s a no-fuss must! Its drop neckline and waist create a long and lean torso that is sure catch some admiring gazes in the supermarket.

This Indah Pleated Square Neck Cover Up is perfect for country club dress code regulations. Spark some romance with its butterfly sleeves and asymmetrical hemline that creates legs for days. Pair with gold accessories and some bright wedges to complete the look.

For those days when simplicity is key throw on this Double-Strap Bra Top Dress and some metallic sandals. It comes in fourteen different colors and is on sale for $29.50, so grab a couple!


-Emily Freeman

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