It’s official.  I have a newborn baby, yet again.  It is overwhelmingly amazing, and tons of fun.  However, this not being my first child, I don’t have the luxury of sleeping when the baby sleeps.  I never realized how much those little naps helped fight the exhaustion that comes with an all night feeding fest. 

If you only have one child, follow everyone’s advice and sleep when your baby sleeps.  At least try to get in one or two good naps a day.  If like me you have more than one, fighting that exhaustion is a touch more tricky. 

If you find a time during a day when all of your kids sleep, you are lucky and I hope you take advantage of that time to rest.  Otherwise, here are my favorite ways to fight off the sleepy monster: 

First, be active.  Getting out and doing things always helps me forget that I’m practically a zombie. 

If I’m not out but at home I make sure that I get up and move enough to get my heart rate up at least every hour.  That tiny shot of adrenaline is better to me than a shot of espresso.  As an extra bonus, getting that heart rate up will help lose that baby fat.  Bonus! 

Just drinking your shot of espresso always gives me a harder crash later on, I just skip it.  However, I know many moms who swear by their coffees and espressos.  If it works for you, go for it; just be mindful of what else you might put in your coffee.  Being a new parent is not always easy.  If you are an over tired parent, you run the risk of being an ineffective parent.  Never be afraid to ask someone to step in so you can rest. 

-Stephanie Wright

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