woman at the beachWhen you watch the movies and TV, everyone looks stunning as they leave the beach. Some people get those beautiful beach waves, that tanned skin, and magically have on tons of make-up. You, however, you look like a train wreck and can’t go anywhere after hitting the beach because you need a shower to get the giant knot out of your hair and the sand off your body! Here are a few ways to improve your post-beach appearance:
Leave-in Conditioner: Throw a bottle of leave-in conditioner in your beach bag. You will thank me later. My hair ties itself in knots just at the sight of saltwater and is completely unmanageable afterwards– 2 squirts of this stuff, a comb, and I’m ready to roll without embarrassing myself to the nearest restaurant.
Braids: Utilizing a braid in any way, shape, or form should keep your hair from knotting up, looking utterly ridiculous, staying out of your face, and staying in place. A front braid is always a good choice. You can still pull off the I-went-to-the-beach waves and your hair up front won’t be frizzing away.
Hats: Any hat will help hide your hot mess (face OR hair!). There are cute sunhats everywhere that I can’t pull off for the life of me, like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. They will also help you maintain your hair color instead of ruin it in the bleaching sun/water.
Make-Up: Avoid most. It will run down your face in a really unattractive way. Throw on some lip gloss and clear or waterproof mascara. There’s no hope for eyeliner, eyeshadow, or basically anything else on a hot day. Just keep in very minimalistic. If you’re really desperate for some color that you didn’t receive at the beach, use a lip stain for blush.
Trims: Trimming your hair more often in the summer will promise more manageable hair and less dry, fried hair.
Deep Condition: Once you get home and take your real shower, deep condition the heck out of your hair. The saltwater and pool are so drying, so give your hair back what it needs.
-Whitney J. Manson

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