The fishtail braid has made its way everywhere: from your holiday work party to your best friend’s wedding to your neighbor walking her dog. Its beauty is in its simple design and everyday wear-ability.

Like most hairstyles, this one is best tried on day-old hair. Cleaner hair just makes styling harder, especially when you have finer hair that is prone to fly-aways and frizz. A little oil is a good thing.

1. Brush your hair with either: a brush of choice (for a smoother looking braid) or your fingers (for a messier, boho-style).

2. On the side of your head (either side works, so chose your best!) secure hair in a ponytail at the base of your neck with a clear elastic band.

3. Split the ponytail into two thick sections.

4. Take a piece from the first side and pass it to the second side, take a piece from the second side and pass it to the first side. Continue to do this moving down the length of the pony.  You can choose to make the braid tighter or looser depending on how hard you “pull” when you cross one section over the next (the same as you would a regular braid).  The first time you attempt, it will be a little rocky, but don’t give up.

5. Your braid doesn’t have to be prize winning. If some of the sections look slightly thicker than others, just keep on braiding. The charm is in the imperfections.

6. When you have finished braiding the length of your hair, secure the end and carefully snip the clear elastic with a pair of scissors.

The result is a loose and beautiful, fabulously styled fishtail braid that you can take from day to night. If there are any parts you want to tame, give them a little hairspray spritz or make use of a couple bobby pins.

–Arianna Schioldager


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