If you are thinking about changing your family dynamic by adding a baby, congratulations!  There are many things you can do to prepare.  Before I get into all that let me say that even if you don’t get all this under control you can still become a fantastic parent.  Being a parent doesn’t have to mean that you lost 80 pounds before getting pregnant.  It doesn’t mean that you have an amazing portfolio and savings account.  It could help, but it certainly won’t inhibit your ability to be a good parent. 


However, if you are trying to start a family and are looking for something to get ready (besides trying to get pregnant itself) here are some things to consider. 


Getting yourself to a healthy weight range is of course beneficial.  Don’t stress yourself if you have lots to lose, or if you don’t lose much at all.  As little as ten pounds can do a world of wonder.  And you know what, lots of plus size women go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies without a complication.  So don’t stress too much, just do what you can. 


Light exercise, walking and stretching do wonders for getting your body ready for labor.  They also help with stress. 


Trying to get your stress levels under control can be a huge benefit for pregnancy as well.


If you are able, getting your finances in order is another obvious area you can look into.  Making a written budget and sticking to it will go a long way.  Someone once told me that if you wait until you can afford to have a baby, you will never have a baby. 


The sentiment I believe meaning that you can never be fully prepared for the journey of parenthood, the joy is in the journey.


-Stephanie Wright

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