bodymediafitWe are all looking for ways to help keep us healthy and moving. Our lives are so busy, it is hard to worry about exercising and eating right. But it’s something we need to make a priority if we can. At this stage in my life, I am very fitness oriented. I love getting in my daily workouts and I’m always looking for ways to add in more movement.  I decided to check out the BodyMedia Fit. If you have ever watched The Biggest Loser you have probably noticed those things on the contestants arms and wondered what they were. I was curious too, and really wanted to see if it was as great as it sounded. I couldn’t find a whole lot of reviews online from users, and that was worrisome. But I went for it anyway. I bought the armband on sale, and it included a free three-month subscription to the Body Media Fit web application.

I have been wearing my arm band for one month now, and here are my thoughts:

First, wearing the arm band is not as bad as I assumed it would be. I figured it would be in my way and uncomfortable. Not so. After just a few hours I forgot that it was there.
The program is simple. The band keeps track of all of the calories that you burn throughout the day, even when you are not exercising. It counts them while you are eating, sleeping, everything while it is on your arm. Your goal is to keep your calorie intake where it needs to be. That number of course will depend on your weight loss goals.

In addition to counting your calories, your arm band counts how many steps you take, just like a pedometer. You also have a goal for how many steps to take. Your exercise goals vary based on your personal stats too. Mine wants me to have 30 minutes of moderate activity and 15 of vigorous. So far, this has not been too hard to keep up.

Another fun perk, if you buy the Link armband it has the ability to sync with your phone. The BodyMedia mobile app syncs with your arm band while you are out and about so you can check your progress throughout the day. I love this feature so much. I love the ability to check in and see how I am doing. The mobile app also lets your log your food choices as well.

Another fun feature, is that the armband also syncs with other apps as well. MyFitnessPal for example syncs with the armband. I was already using MyFitnessPal so it was handy to be able to continue logging my foods there and still see them on the BodyMedia app.

All of this being said, it really comes down to numbers. Did the armband do its job? Well, after wearing it for a month I am down exactly ten pounds. I would say that was a success. So if you are in the market for a neat little gadget to help you meet your health goals, give the BodyMedia Fit armband a try.
-Stephanie Wright

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