Say goodbye to boring and stereotypical baby showers! When you’re throwing your friend hers, make sure to make it is individually geared right towards her. First of all, jot down a few of your friend’s interests, take note of who she would want to invite- is she the type that would want a coed or single sex party? What part of the family? Which friends? Consult with the mommy-to-be and acquire a list of names, addresses, and venues to get started. After that, it’s time to set a theme so you can buy invitations! There are so many options for themes you don’t even realize it at all!

bqbySome of my favorite themes are things like high tea. You can use fancy china, wear sundresses, and enjoy finger sandwiches with tea. Another party theme that can be cool is a time capsule party- all your guests bring things for a time capsule to remember the year of your baby’s birth, and you serve era type classic foods and decorate and dress up in period costumes. I really like cupcake parties, a green baby shower, a salon party, and a couples’ buffet. The salon party can definitely be a welcome gesture for some mega-relaxation before the baby comes!

Once you’ve got a theme set, send out the invites and start making appropriate preparations. The shower will come faster than you realize so it’s always best to be overly prepared. Enjoy the fun times and be sure to document it all!

If you go for the tea idea, these are always a hit! Cucumber finger sandwiches- wash and slice 2 cucumbers. Stir 1 tub of whipped cream, a little dill weed, and a packet of dry Italian dressing mix together in a bowl. Spread onto bread, place cucumbers on top, and cut into small “finger-sized” sandwiches. Enjoy!

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