Brie is a creamy French cheese that is easily spreadable, savory, and made of cows’ milk. You can serve it warm, cold, or even at room temperature. Typically, the Brie is served with red wine, crackers, pears, and apples, but it can have so many more uses! So what else are you supposed to do with Brie?

cheeseHere are a few recommendations I’ve tried.

For a spin on grilled cheese, try Brie and pear or brie and apple grilled sandwiches– this takes a childhood favorite right into appropriate adulthood.

        2 slices of bread

        1/2 of apple or pear

        Onions, if desired, add as much as you want in your sandwich

        1 tsp olive oil

        Margarine or butter


Butter outsides of bread (I recommend sourdough), place brie on one piece, and cook it. I recommend placing a lid on the pan for this portion. Once the bread is grilled and the cheese is melted, remove piece from the pan and set aside. Start to grill the other piece of bread with apple or pear slices on it and place the already cooked piece with cheese on top of it. Sometimes brie is hard to melt, but it will melt more during this part of the cooking. A Panini grill makes it even easier. Turkey can be added to either sandwich for some extra protein.

You can also make quesadillas with Brie! I’ve tried two different kinds, and it’s really up to you and what you like.

Mushroom quesadilla:

        1 can chopped mild green chilies

        1/2 cup onion

        1 tsp minced garlic

        1/2 tsp salt

        1/8 tsp black pepper

        2 tbsp fresh cilantro

        1 lb mushrooms

        8 tortillas

        8 oz brie

        2 tbsp olive oil

Sauté mushrooms in olive oil with salt, pepper, chilies, and onion until mushrooms are soft and fully cooked. In another pan, place a tortilla, a portion of the mushroom mixture, and some Brie on top of it. Add second tortilla and cook until cheese is melted and both tortillas are lightly browned.

Also, these recipes work with light Brie or Camembert, a similar but more creamy type of cheese. Bon Appétit!

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