The chambray shirt has been around for centuries—literally dating as far back as 1595.  But there is nothing out of date, or out of style about this closely woven, cotton, light blue collared number.  And they aren’t just for boyfriends, or the “blue collar” worker anymore.  And forget about calling them prison blues.  Plus they are oh so timelessly American.  

The chambray shirt looks good on just about anyone and its hue compliments a bevy of skin tones.  It also can be dressed up or down— tied up in a country knot, or worn loose.  Belt it. Wear it over a floral dress.  If you’re bold enough you can go for the jean on chambray look.  It’s a hard look to mess up. 

Here are some options:

Leave it to J. Crew to design a selvedge version of the chambray shirt. Who doesn’t want to look like they stepped directly out of a J. Crew catalogue?  It’s fitted so you don’t sacrifice shape, but casual enough that it keeps comfort top of mind. 

American Apparel has an ultra-classic Oxford version in chambray as well. And as they quote on their website, “You’ll definitely need a collared shirt to successfully wear the menswear trend. This chambray shirt is a classic look, and therefore, an excellent choice.”

Finally leave it to Ralph Lauren to have a perfect fitting chambray button down.  After all, he’s just about as quintessentially American as they come. 

-Arianna Schioldager

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