Halloween is just around the corner! Between buying decorations, preparing for parties, and loading up on candy for trick-or-treaters, the holiday can become one big time and money expense.  With all of that to think about, that leaves little cash available for the most fun part, the costumes! Whether you are planning to dress up your kids or have multiple parties to go to, at $50-$150 per costume, it can be difficult to stay within budget.

I am going to teach you how to make thrift stores, hand-me-downs, and natural resources into your best friends this Halloween! You can still walk into a party looking chic and creative without ruining your line of credit. Here are a few ideas how:

Hippie/ Flower Child
Start with a tie-dye t-shirt, you can usually find these for under $5 at a thrift store. Cut strips from the bottom of the shirt to about 1/3 way up the shirt. Start each slit about ½ inch from the last. This creates a really fun, fringe type effect. Worried about your midriff this month? No sweat, just layer your home-made hippie top over a cami. Next, buy a bouquet of daisies ($5-$8). Make them into a hair-wreath by making slits at the end of each short stem and threading the stems together. Embody your inner-child as I’m sure many of you, like me, did this in your younger years!  Top the costume off with any pair of flared or bell-bottom jeans, a pair of jean shorts, or a long maxi skirt, all back in style and most likely in your closet already!

Make the thrift store your best shopping buddy and find an over-sized plaid button-down shirt ($5-$10). Pair it with the denim bottoms of your choice, the more worn out the better. Don’t have any cowgirl boots in your closet? No worries! Go the hillbilly route instead of cowgirl and wear any worn-out shoe of your liking. Next, visit your local barn or go out in your backyard and find weeds or straw. Style your hair in two braids or make natural pigtails with string or hair-ties. Weave in some of the weeds or straw to the braids or secure them in your pig tails. Want to really go full-out? Mix dirt from your yard with water and use your fingertips to pat the mixture on your face, chest, arms, and legs to make your costume that much more real!

Catwoman ($15-$50)-: All you need for this costume is black, tight-fitting clothing and a mask. For example, pair black spandex with a cami or a black long-sleeve shirt. Any clothing that is made with leather (better yet, pleather), sheer, or mesh adds a fun and sexy touch to the outfit. Then, pair it with a cat woman mask from any costume store ($5-$20). Have a little extra room in your budget? Add some glitter paint or rhinestones on your mask or any of your costume to glam it up ($7-$15 at your local art supply store), and/or add gloves ($10-$20)! Finish with a dramatic smoky eye and some red lips!

-Emily Freeman

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