School is out this week to observe the holidays.  It’s great not having to worry about homework and all of the many obligations we have throughout the week, but it is also difficult to keep my rug rats engaged.  I don’t want to rely on the television all week to keep them occupied, and it has been just rainy enough that we have to remain indoors.  So, in order to keep their little minds running and their imaginations churning we have come up with some fun (or strange and silly) activities and crafts to pass the week.

My current favorite it is Wrap Measure.  While I am busy wrapping presents for everyone we know, the kids are taking turn guessing how much wrapping paper each gift uses.  Then we bust out our ruler (or yardsticks, or measuring tape) and see who guessed the closest.  The winner gets to put the bow on the gift.  It sounds silly, but my kids are getting a kick out of it, and I’m getting my wrapping done.  Not to mention they are learning how to measure things.  Sneaky mommy.

I planned to order cute Christmas cards this year, but the time got away from me, again.  So instead I’m letting the kids make them.  Your local craft store will have plenty of blank card options that come with envelopes.  Sit the kids down with some stamps and paint and voila! Instant fantastic cards.  Throw in a printed 4×6 and you are as good as golden, and your kids are busy and occupied.  And really, who wouldn’t love to have their very own masterpiece that my child painted?  That’s what I thought.  Everyone would love it!

You can do the same thing with gift tags.  Let the kids go to town and paint up a storm then use a black Sharpie to write the recipients name on top of the artwork.  If you’re feeling really artistic, let your kids paint their own wrapping paper.  White wrapping paper or white gift boxes are really inexpensive compared to regular wrapping paper.  Wrap your gifts then let your kids paint the paper.  Holiday tradition in the making!

-Stephanie Wright

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