Mis-matched socks with sandalsSince my article on gym clothing was widely received, I feel that perhaps it is my duty to vent and push you in the right direction yet another time. Personally, I was inspired at the grocery store yesterday, so here I go.

  • Fashion No-No #1: Shirts vs. Dresses
    • Just because you bought a shirt does not mean it is a shirt dress. In fact, unless you’re about five or under five feet these terms are mutually exclusive.
    • Sometimes I pick out shirts that are longer length tees or labeled as “tunics”. These are not dresses either. Their added length is to hide your muffin top from hanging out over your jeans and your underwear from when you lean over or sit down. This brings me to my next point…
  • Fashion No-No #2: Panty Lines
    • I said this in my gym attire rant and I’ll say it again, I don’t want to see your undies. I don’t need to see your undies ever. When you’re running around in your shirt that you think is a dress, the wind blows, and I see your undies, I get sad. If you sit and people can see them from a mile away, you should adjust your wardrobe.
    • Tight pants, jeggings, skirts, and dresses require proper undergarments as well- check yourself before leaving since panty lines are not pretty. They create 100000000014902u419042 undergarment options these days for the tight clothes in stores right now, so there are honestly no excuses.
  • Fashion No-No #3: Heel Today, Inappro Tomorrow
    • Strappy stilettos are not always appropriate attire. In fact, I can think of a lot of places where these aren’t appropriate but I see them everyday. I don’t recommend them for the gym, the grocery store, shopping at Costco and the mall, and last but not least the beach. If you’re traipsing around these places, you want to be comfortable.
  • Fashion No-No #4: Socks with Sandals, Manpris, and Jorts
    • Men, this bullet point is directed at you. Socks with sandals are ugly, don’t do it.
    • Manpris are socially unacceptable. I’m sorry to all the Europeans out there, but they just aren’t okay.
    • Jorts are awkward and strange. Just wear jeans.

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