Not everyone is born with high super-model cheekbones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it.

Make-up artists agree that the art of contouring can dramatically change the look of the face and can instantaneously make it appear slimmer.

First, you’ll need a contour brush and color.  Generally speaking, you choose a color darker than your natural skin tone to create the shadow, but one without red or yellow overtones.  A neutral color, about two shades darker than your foundation is a good rule of thumb.  Pressed powder is ideal.  Test out multiple products before settling on one.   Most all makeup lines offer some form of contour brush.  Stila has a great one—the #21 Double Duty Cheek Contour and Blush Brush This brush has a corner edge that applies color precisely beneath the cheekbone for a contoured cheek look, and a flat circular top of the brush puts cheek color down on top of the cheekbone in one sweep. 

Now before you get started, you should know your face shape, so you can contour and highlight to balance your specific countenance.  First you want to find the shadow or line beneath your cheekbones.  If you can’t find it naturally, suck your cheeks in, look in the mirror and find the best place to apply it.

To slim your face, apply powder to the entire outer perimeter of the cheek. You can also slim your nose, play down a prominent jaw line or a broad or high forehead.  Just shade in the areas that you want to downplay.

If you over-contour, neutralize by blending. Nothing looks worse than a dark streak up the side of your face. The idea is to make the contour look as natural as possible. Add a little blush or highlighter and voila!


-Arianna Schioldager

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