I am crazy busy, just like you and every other person on the planet it seems.  The only way I can keep things together is by using lists.

I love lists.  I have lists of lists (no I am not kidding!)  They are just so handy.  The best thing about lists would be that they can now be put on a smartphone and taken with me every where I go.

I have apps for grocery shopping lists, gift idea lists, things that need doing (otherwise known as To Do lists).  I even have a list that details the chores around the house.  There are lots of new apps out there that do all this.  My favorite is Cozi.  It’s free.  It has all of my glorious lists.  Plus, I can sync my calendar with it so I always know when I need to be somewhere and when my husband is working, and when the kids have doctor appointments.  You name it.  I know it.  I can keep track of whats for dinner each night, my grocery lists, my to do lists, and it has a journal function.  I use that for general notes and thoughts while I am out and about.

Essentially Cozi keeps all my needed information in one place, in one app.  Instead of having three apps (A calendar, a grocery list, and a todo app)  I have one, everything is in one place.  The nice people at Cozi are not paying me for my opinion either, but their product really does just work well.

Cozi is also web based so you can access your information from any computer (or web enabled phone).  My favorite feature is that you can add profiles.  Both my husband and I can log into Cozi on the web or the mobile app, and we all see what needs doing and where we are going.

Never again will my husband feel like he has no idea about what needs doing around the house.  If he stops at the store on the way home, the list is already with him.  It is genius!


-Stephanie Wright

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