The fashion know-hows say that a bow tie is an integral part of every man’s wardrobe.  But it isn’t just the men who get to dress with such dapper panache this fall/winter season.  Women’s fashion has seen an infiltration of menswear ever since Brooks Brothers started selling men’s shirts to “tweedy young women” at their New York store in the 1950s.

These days fashion-forward women can take their menswear impulses a step further.

The bow tie is the latest borrowed-from-the-boy’s-club accessory to cross over into the realm of women’s-ready-to-wear.  There are plenty to choose from—you don’t have to stick with a dainty,
feminine styled bow—but no matter which route you choose, it’s sure to be a dignified addition to any outfit. Wear with brogues and pomp and get ready to channel your inner Marlene Dietrich.

Madelyn Somers, the creator of Tycoon Neckwear has designed an assortment of bowties fashioned out of old neckties.  These charmers are adorned with chains, tassels, and buttons. Plus 2% of profits support a great cause: Women for Women International. I’m partial to the paisley print bowtie. It’s perfection!

And if you need some style advice, Tycoon Neckwear’s lookbooks showcase some good ideas:

Velvet bow ties are a great way to integrate the masculine with the feminine.  They are romantic and edgy.

How about a velvet, oversized bowtie?!

If you’re making the plunge, why not go a little nutty. Etsy has a wide array to choose from:

And if you aren’t quite ready to make the full-throated commitment, try a sweet dress like this little black number from Top Shop that takes the risk for you.

-Arianna Schioldager

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