The image is a staple: the family curled up by the fireplace, everyone in cute pajamas—footed or printed, drinking from mugs and smiling.  But if you’ve been wearing an old t-shirt to bed for the last couple years and have nothing to wear for the Jingle Bell sing-a-long with the fam, there are an abundance of options for you to choose from. You may no longer fit on Santa’s lap, but why wouldn’t you want to look cute as a button?

It doesn’t get much better than a floral button up. Throw on some slippers, add a high pony and everyone will be green with envy. It’s one of the colors of the season after all. Other plus side– if you’re opting for the short version (long version here) you can sleep in it without getting so hot that you wind up with nothing on (hello accidentally show and tell). But the long version is nice if you decide to throw on some boots and a jacket and build a midnight snowman.

Reindeer on your bottoms? That’s the holiday spirit–and they come with a holiday friendly price tag. So much you could buy matching bottoms for the whole clan. It’s so wrong, it’s right.

Maybe wild print pajamas aren’t your style and you’re a little more traditional, and feel best in a comfy flannel top and bottom.

Want to dress to attract… the Mistletoe Merino shorts matched with the Mistletoe Merino Henley OR the Chalet Romper OR the Candy Cane Leggings, Lands End is kind of the one stop pajama shop for any lady.

The critter fair isle are just the whimsically patterned thermal for any gal with a pj predisposition.

And because you can’t say pajama without mentioning the union suit… J.Crew revamped it with a skinny stripe and a seriously vibrant hue.


-Arianna Schioldager


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