Hollywood is the capital of new workout fads. And people do just about anything to keep their bodies in beach shape year round. Spin classes have been around for a minute, and while they haven’t gotten any easier (they will seriously make you sweat your butt off), but this past October, the newest luxury indoor cycling studio to hit Los Angeles opened its doors.

If your body is a temple, then Cycle House is where you worship. Some people call it hands down, the best place to spin in LA.

Cycle House provides the next level of service, pairing luxury accommodations with state of the art equipment, quality classes, sought-after instructors, and green initiatives. Classes incorporate different elements that engage the core, shoulders, back, and arms, all condensed into 45-50 minute full-body workouts. Classes also utilize a combination of weights and pre and post class stretches that are meant to maximize the number of calories burned while protecting the body and keeping it limber.

Cycle House is likewise committed to high levels of social and eco-responsibility. The cycle studio sells no water bottles on their premises, but provides a water filtration system that serves alkaline water, encouraging guests to bring their own re-usable water bottles. Plus a portion of class proceeds will go to feed the nation’s hungry. Each class purchased translates to two meals, and every rider will be given a profile on the Cycle House website where they can track their donations.

In this way, there is a particular mantra that permeates all aspects beyond the high intensity spin workout. Live. Love. Ride. It is a workout that improves you and the world around you.


-Arianna Schioldager

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