If you know me, you know I am a HUGE proponent of dating your husband.  Long after you are married, longer after you have kids.  I believe it’s part of a healthy marriage.  I would go out on a date with my husband every week if I could.  Reality is that we go just as often as we can.  I’m sure you can relate. 

Recently a friend suggested taking the kids out on a date with us.  At first I balked, I mean the point of the date is to spend quality one on one time with my husband.  Not to have a family dinner.  But then I started to see the benefit.  When you are on an actual date you can teach your kids dating etiquette.  For example, boys can learn that they should open doors for ladies.  Conversely, girls learn that they best say thank you for such gestures. 

I’m not saying that every date night that Big Daddy and I have from  here on out are going to include the kids, but I do want to do everything in my power to show my kids how to be classy and how to find someone who respects that they are classy. 

Maybe I’m just a touch old fashioned, but I want my boy to pull out chairs for girls, and I want him to know that a girl that doesn’t appreciate such little details may not be worth his time.  It’s not a deal breaker, but something to be considered.  My daughter, I want to find a man who cherishes her and is willing to open that door and treat her like a lady. 

I also want them to learn how to act in a fancy restaurant.  I never want them to wonder which fork to use when.

-Stephanie Wright

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