Disciplining your kids can be one of the most difficult and yet most important things you will do as a parent. I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should spank, that is a topic for another day and time. I am however, inclined to tell you that discipline is necessary.  If you want your child to grow up to be a valuable member of society you will need to teach them that some actions have consequences. Some of those consequences are not all positive.

The earlier this lesson is learned the easier your child’s life will be later on. It is better to learn this lesson with parents who will love you unconditionally than to learn it from the world. I don’t think it matters what brand of discipline you subscribe to so long as your child responds appropriately.

The key to discipline that works is simply finding what works and sticking to it. It takes discipline on your part to follow through and to stay consistent. That means no giving in to those moments when you just don’t feel like doing it, or when you want to be nice and give your kids a pass. How often does life give us a pass? Whatever you do, do it out of love and you will be successful. Your kids may fuss about it now but they will thank you later. And so will the rest of society. I kid, but honestly guiding your child with discipline and love will give you the kids you always dreamed you would have. In short, discipline that works is discipline that is done and has follow through. So don’t be afraid to say no, take away a toy, send them to their room, or anything else that gets your kids inline.

-Stephanie Wright

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