DIY Home Beauty Treatments
DIY Home Beauty Treatments

I spend way too much time in my kitchen. Not that I need more reasons to make trips to my fridge, but I’ve discovered another great use for groceries – beauty treatments! If you’re running out of your brand name products and want to get creative, check out the following DIY home beauty remedies.1. Problem: Dehydrated hair & Split ends
Solution: Coconut Oil
Oily hair isn’t always a bad thing! Rub a small amount of coconut oil  through your hair before bed, and leave it in overnight. The oil will condition and strengthen your strands as you sleep!

Problem: Dry, dull skin
Solution:  Homemade Sugar Scrub
Want baby smooth skin? All you need is one cup of each of the following ingredients: brown sugar, raw oatmeal, and olive oil. Mix them all up, and scrub yourself smooth!

Problem: Uneven skintone
Solution: Freshly cut lemon

The acidity of lemon juice will soften rough spots and fade discoloration. Slice open a lemon, and gently rub your rough spots. This works great on your elbows & knees!

Problem: Chapped lips
Solution: Olive Oil
A trick used by the women of Italy, a bit of olive oil will condition and add shine to your pout. Who needs Chapstick?

Problem: Undereye circles and bags
Solution: Thin slices of potato
Who knew carbs could be so good for you? Place a thin slice of potato on each of your eyes for 10 minutes. It will lighten your undereye circles, and minimize bags!

– Shalyn Tharayil

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