Having just turned 29 a week ago, and seeing all of my friends from high school announcing the birth of their children, or the bun in the oven waiting to say hello to the world, I have become wedding and baby obsessed. Being a crafty person, I also love browsing websites for DIY inspiration for things like nurseries, kids parties, etc. all in preparation for what I hope will happen one day: I will be a mom who gets to create awesome things for her kids.

You see, growing up with an art teacher for a mother, she always made the coolest things for my brother and I. Our birthday parties were filled with carnival games (made by momma!) she’d dress like a clown, there would be prizes, and she’d make awesome goodie bags that you wouldn’t see any other kid on the block have. She just loved to create, and it’s passed down to me for sure.

So, since I’ve been pinning away to my “one day” board, I thought I’d share some cool DIY kid’s party ideas with all of you.

Here is what I’ve found:

Hello Kitty Inspired Party – Love love LOVE those goodie bags with the balloons attached. Super easy to make some version of, and the kids will adore the balloons!!

Balloon Wall – This will take some strong lungs, but it would be awesome for a photo backdrop at the party.

Fish Bowl Punch – Blue fruit punch, Swedish Fish, all in a fish bowl? Adorable.

Art Party – A simple and great idea for kids of all ages. Buy some canvases (check stores for sales!) and some cheap paint. Let them get dirty and have a blast!

“Pop Me” Invitations – Genius idea and easy to recreate! The fun begins before the party even starts!

Party time!–Sasha Huff

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