Dog Helps His Best Friend Propose Some dogs take their legacy as man’s best friend very, very seriously. One dog in particular, a sweet 15-month-old black lab with a romantic side, named Spud, showed the web that dogs are not only a man’s best friend, but “also a man’s best wingman,” Good Morning America quipped. John McCormack, Spud’s owner and BFF, was excited to propose to his long-time girlfriend Sarah Leighton and thought of the most adorable way to pop the proverbial question.

In their viral video with over 1 million views on YouTube, the groom-to-be encourages his pooch, “OK, Spud. It’s your time to shine,” while Spud looks on with the ring tied around his furry neck. “Whatever you do, don’t eat the box,” he adds. John calls up the stairs to Sarah, where she was resting with an injured foot, and asks her to please call Spud up.  When the pup trots into the room, with her boyfriend behind him filming, Sarah immediately notices the gift around his neck and asks, “Oh what’s that? What have you got?”

She unties the bow and takes out a little box to reveal a diamond engagement ring.  “What do you reckon?,” John asks her as she laughs and begins to well up with tears. “Want to get married?”, he prods excitedly, and she says that she does, the two share a kiss. “Put it on my ring like a proper person, on my finger!” she jokes. Their joy is absolutely contagious.

The happy couple is said to be planning their wedding now, with Spud hopefully serving as ring bearer. Or would he be the best man? says more and more doting pet owners are involving their best friends in their special day. One couple, Deanne and Andy, for example, honored their beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, Scotch, with duties as ring bearer. “With a ring-filled satchel tied around her collar, the good-natured canine was led by leash to the altar, where she patiently waited for her cue. “She was really good. She just sat there, and watched what was going on,” says Deanne, a veterinary assistant.  “When the time came to offer up the rings, the groom’s best man knelt to retrieve the rings from Scotch, who obliged without even a bark.”

“It worked out great,” Deanne said. “She just looked at everybody and wagged her tail all excited.”

Did your wedding or engagement involved your pooch? We’d love to hear your story, please share with us in the comments, below.  — Casandra Armour       

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