SangriaSangria is hands down one of our favorite drinks on planet earth. When done well, we could put down quite a bit of this lovely concoction, and anytime someone brings it to a party you can guarantee we will be having seconds.
The sweet fruits mixed with wine and other liquor are so refreshing on a hot day!
Restaurants serve it by the pitcher, and offer red or white wine options as well, but why not try making it at home for your next soiree? There are tons of recipes out there with all different types of liquor added, which means you can cater your choices based on your guests. Our mom loves to bake and cook with Malibu rum, so we made sure to add an option to our list.
Check out some of our favorite recipes:
Backyard Bites Recipe – This recipe adds in the delicious flavor of Malibu rum combined with traditional sangria ingredients.
Sparkling Pink Sangria – Pink sparkling wine, brandy, fruit, wine, all mixed into one drink? Yes please!
Frozen Sangria – We’d never heard of frozen sangria before stumbling onto this recipe. We’re obsessed and can’t wait to try it some day!
Watermelon Basil Sangria – This one sounds wildly different than anything we’ve tasted, but we’re always up for something new. Plus, watermelon is a BBQ staple so why not incorporate it into your drinks too!
Melon Mint Sangria – We love us some honeydew and cantaloupe so this recipe is right up our alley. Combined with the refreshing flavor of mint, this kind of sounds like perfection.
Sure, they may say mixing booze is a bad idea, but we’ve never been happier than when we have one of these delicious drinks in hand.
What is your favorite summer drink?
-Sasha Huff

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