Hospital stays aren’t much fun, even when you’re having a baby.  It’s not your bed, and it’s noisy, and nurses check on you all the time.  Here are my tips for making your hospital stay more enjoyable.

1.  Bring your own pillow.  You will sleep much better, and good sleep will give you a better outlook guaranteed.

2.  You probably won’t have all of your favorite clothes and grooming accessories available (or might be too tired to bother) so unless you are overly social keep guests to a minimum.  It’s easier to heal and bond with baby without a stream of visitors.

3.  Bring a book.  I like to bring a familiar book that I’ve read before so I don’t mind so much if I am interrupted.

4.  Pack snacks.  Hospital food isn’t always amazing; snacks can help with your afternoon sleepiness.

5.  My most important tip, always be polite to your nurses.  Even if they are grumpy.  If you’re nice to them chances are they’ll be nice to you.

6.  Relax and rest.  You’ll go home soon!

-Stephanie Wright

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