Easter eggs with flowerEaster is officially just around the corner, so it’s time to bust out our Easter egg decorating craftiness. Obviously dyeing an egg or two has its merit, but year after year it kind of gets old. Or at least I found it to be growing up. So we have come up with a few more interesting ways to decorate the old hard boiled egg.

First and foremost, you do need some hard boiled eggs. And of course, they should be cooled.

One of my favorite new ways to decorate eggs has been with chalk board paint. Each egg gets a coat of chalk board paint and is set aside to dry. Then grab some chalk and decorate your eggs! Then do it again tomorrow. My kids like continually being able to color on their eggs. You can write countdowns to the big day, or names of your kids, messages, bible verses, and so on. I love how the craft feels like it doesn’t end, and we can revisit it whenever we want without having to re-boil more eggs.

Because I have a daughter who loves everything pink and sparkly,we have started making glittered eggs. To make glittered eggs you can use Mod Podge or just regular white school glue. We have used both with great success. First dip the top of your egg into the glue, then dip or sprinkle with glitter. Allow the glue to completely dry before dipping the bottom of the egg in glue and glitter. You can also be a bit more creative with this method by drawing on your egg with the glue. Using the tip of the glue or a paintbrush if using Mod Podge make fun designs, then sprinkle on the glitter. Obviously the glitter will only stick to the glue.

For younger kids (or for any whom you cringe at the thought of using dye) grab some markers and allow them to draw on their eggs. There is also the good stand by of using stickers.

Lace and ribbons are also easily glued onto eggs for a slightly more sophisticated look. A fun twist with lace would be to secure some lace to the egg with tape, then dye it the old fashioned way. When the egg is dried remove the tape and lace to reveal your pattern. This same idea can be used with stickers too. Remove the stickers after dying. Easy!

There you have it, some fun and new ideas to decorate your Easter eggs!
-Stephanie Wright

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