I can’t imagine a life without chicken, but according to my blood type (B negative), chicken contains lectin that can attack my bloodstream and has the potential to lead to strokes and immune disorders. Makes sense when you think that our blood is part of our immune system, right?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how genetics affect your health, there’s one doctor—Dr. Peter D’Adamo, who thinks your blood type has something to do with how you should be eating, and how that diet affects your overall well-being.

It’s not exactly a ‘diet’ more a way of life and a system to guide you to the foods that suit your body best.

Here’s the spiel:

As humans evolved, so did our blood type–so the diet works with our individual biochemistry. Dr. D’Adamo believes that our blood types make us susceptible to different diseases (no wonder so many people are Celiac) and his strategy provides a plan for each how to best eat and exercise.

Brief Breakdown:

Type O: The oldest blood type and known to suit the “hunter gatherer” lifestyle. Thrives on animal protein as they have the enzymes to break it down.  Doesn’t tolerate “modern” foods like dairy and protein well.

Type AB:  The newest blood type that makes up less than 5% of the population. Said to do well with both plant and animal proteins, but should avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Type A:  Suited to a much more vegetarian focused diet. Said to not have the enzymes to break down animal protein.

Type B: The most uncommon blood type, but with great ability to change with conditions. Considered the omnivore of the bunch.

For more information and a breakdown based on your specific blood type check out Dr. D’Adamo http://www.dadamo.com/ and what he has to say, and hey, if it works for supermodel Miranda Kerr who credits the diet for maintaining her healthy and lean physique, it might be worth a shot.


-Arianna Schioldager

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